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New stage production uncovers Mother Courage

Lois Anderson as Mother Courage

With a timeless plot of poor young artists struggling to survive, a cast of 60 singers, and a live orchestra, the UBC Opera Ensemble stages “La Boheme” at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts on Feb. 8-11.

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The 411 on global citizenship

Grand Canal, Venice

Global citizenship. Ever wonder what this actually means? Throughout my UBC undergrad, this buzz phrase was consistently scattered on chalkboards and throughout lectures, but it was not until my two-week sojourn through Italy that I discovered what this truly meant. Cut out all the scholarly jargon and it comes down to this: connecting with other […]

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Let a city happen to you

London Eye tucked behind one of the city's many parks.

These words of travel wisdom have become my mantra since embarking on a 70-day adventure through Western Europe. With my first stop in London, suppressing my inner urges to plan my every move was one of the best decisions I’ve made. London is a city meant to be experienced, not planned for. Whether it was […]

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The proud declaration of Molson Canadian’s spokesperson circa 2000 has never been more used – or beneficial – than when travelling. There’s something about being Canadian that makes locals more welcoming, shopkeepers more friendly and even the most tourist-weary waiter crack a smile. We sew on our flags and do so proudly. I’ve met many […]

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