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Le Marche St. George

Over the holidays, I stumbled upon two questions that got the wheels turning: What makes my heart sing? What brings me to life? Humour, wit Writing Mentoring Dogs & cats (look at this gent) Pretty pictures Meditating Instead of pressuring myself to come up with the next project, right this instant, I have decided to […]

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Good reads

Hatchards bookshop in London

Beautiful window displays are works of art. There’s so much promise beyond the glass — of tales in faraway lands, of connections with characters, of adventures waiting to be explored. Hatchards bookshop created a feast for the eyes. This whimsical garden makes me want to dive into my reading list. Here are some great stories that I’ve encountered as of late — a mix of novels, newsprint and the […]

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My new love


“You are now
 In London, that great sea, whose ebb and flow
 At once is deaf and loud, and on the shore 
Vomits its wrecks, and still howls on for more.
 Yet in its depth what treasures!” Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Spring is in the air

Magnolias QE Park

And so are the gorgeous magnolias. Reminds me of Club Monaco‘s pretty creations, littered with freshly-picked perennials. Who needs chocolate eggs when you can covet one of these beauties? Happy Easter!

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It’s official

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Matters of the Heart

In lieu of flowers and chocolates this February, here’s a collection of creative projects and tidbits related to love and matters of the heart. Manger | A beautiful blog celebrating life in the French countryside with delicious recipes and envy-inducing photography. This creative brainchild of Mimi Thorisson makes me want to set up shop in […]

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Painfully honest. Hauntingly beautiful.


The creative genius of The Civil Wars blows my mind. This track is currently on repeat. [Photo found here.]

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Inspiring 2013 | #2 | Solid Folks

Michelle & Jessica

A birthday wish turned mantra: “You deserve a year nothing less than magnificent. Fill it with the creative, genuine people and experiences that delight you, challenge you, and teach you the many manifestations of love.” —JWN [Photo: Arman Akbarian]

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Before Instagram…

Max Wanger_Polaroid Screen Shot 1

There was Polaroid. This hands-on (and downright fun) way to capture life’s snapshots makes me want to do handstands. So you can imagine my delight when a little bird dropped this off: For more Polaroid inspiration, check out the gorgeous shots by photographer Max Wanger (where I discovered the first two photos).

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Scents | Inspire Creativity

Jo Malone

Ever walk past a woman and wonder what perfume she’s wearing? And where you can covet it, immediately? Enter: Jo Malone. For a dose of creative inspiration, my go-to scent is Nectarine Blossom & Honey, topped off with a spritz of English Pear & Freesia. It reminds me of warm summer afternoons with a hint […]

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